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Learn why we decided to create mydisease2EZ and how we did it

At the heart of the project … two complementing personalities: Aurélie Martin and Sébastien Tourlet

A few years ago, our paths crossed because of our jobs. We are two bioinformaticians working in the pharmaceutical industry and our jobs consist in biological data analysis. Using computer science and mathematics, we study relationships between molecules and their use in diseases. In no time, we realized that we have got a lot of complementary ideas. Quite naturally, we discussed Aurelie’s disease, spinal muscular atrophy, and simple ways to solve everyday life disability related challenges and future clinical trials. At one point, we had a brilliant idea based on the observation of the lack of interactive research platforms and patient platforms, intended for patients, families, accepting physicians and professionals from the medical community. Yet if we want to advance promising research, each of us has a role to play. Our project has emerged as an obvious idea and we have decided to create our own patients platforms EaseMyDisease where each patient or medical community actor can bring his expertise and experience, to create an ongoing revolution!

Research needs YOU to move forward!

Sharing your stories and experiences as patients is crucial. EaseMyDisease gives you a voice and puts your experience at the center of our network. Sharing tips to live better with a disability, advice on drugs or food supplements, can help many people with diseases. Moreover, your knowledge can help the medical community and researchers to explore new perspectives and find innovative treatments.

Our goal is to create a platform with similar concepts to Facebook & Google for rare diseases, using the latest web technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to centralize, simplify, organize diseases data and annotate the contributions of each member of the network: Facilitating my disease or Ease My Disease.


Who are the researchers working on your disease? How many are there in the world? What leads are being followed? In which hospitals or research centers do they work? Where to find doctors specialized in my disease who can help me?

The ambition of EaseMyDisease is to bring together patients & all medical stakeholders to share their knowledge and experience. This pooling is intended to facilitate the daily life of patients and congregate all the good ideas to help research.

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